For over 50 years
, Sinclair & Rush has been combining its experience, technology, and manufacturing expertise to help customers solve their toughest dip molding problems. As the world's largest manufacturer of dip molded products, we have developed and compounded hundreds of plastisol formulations to meet the specific requirements of over 20,000 customers in 40 countries.

It is our expertise in molding that gives us our competitive edge in the marketplace. While most plastisol compounders have a general understanding of the dip molding and dip coating processes, they typically do not have any experience running dip molding or coating equipment. Our engineers and chemists understand the complexity of this process and have first hand knowledge of how to manage both the pre-heat and curing processes, the agitation of the material, and the consistency of material temperature. While there are many uses for PVC plastisol, our primary focus is on manufacturing plastisol for the dip coating and dip molding industries.

VynaFlex Plastisol Compounds
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